Double Takes with Rebecca: Macro vs Close Up Photography

Close Up vs Macro Photography?
Is there a difference?  Well, technically yes there is.

In fact, the technical definition of Macro Photography is life size images or greater
(1x magnification/1:1 ratio or greater)
So if our photos are not life size...even though taken very close to the subject
they are technically referred to as Close-Up Photography.

Margarita Bubbles

And don't be confused by your camera's macro setting or macro lens,
just because you use one or the other does not a macro image make.


But out here in the blogosphere things are not always so technical
and the terms macro and close up photography are often interchanged.
But at least now you know the difference.

If you want to know more about Macro and Close Up Photography,
I strongly recommend getting this book:

Understanding Close Up Photography
Creative Close Encounters With or Without a Macro Lens
By Bryan Peterson

I do not own a macro lens,
but based on one of the ideas in his book
I have used a reverse mounted lens to get close up shots I used in this post.
and it only cost me $30 through e bay.

And yes, he even discusses using a Point and Shoot
to get some terrific close up shots. (pp54-61)
Even if you don't own an SLR
there is so much useful info in the book
that I recommend it for everyone.


  1. Your photos are unbelievable! Well, not true, I do believe them, and they are awesome.
    I'm still a little confused about macro vs close up!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Macro shots always amaze me because they seem so elegant and abstract.

  3. I will put this book on my wish list.


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