Member Voice for February 4 - What I Collect by Sue CTG

Our theme for February 4 is "What I Collect" chosen by Sue, CollectinTexas Gal.

Collector...a person who collects things.  That pretty much leaves the Art of Collecting a wide open category of 'Anything Goes', and that is exactly what I used to tell my Art Students.  At the beginning of the School Year the first assignment was to Start a Collection, and as the year progressed so grew The Collection with assignments to draw, paint, sculpt and photograph selected Things Collected.  As a Collector of WhatEver, you will Never Be Bored, you will always have Some Thing to Draw, Paint or Photograph.   Collecting is Some Thing ANYONE and EVERYONE CAN DO and  become a LifeTime Hobby or Business.  
For Me in My Town, it is an easy assignment as I am an Antique/Junk-tique Dealer.  Not only do I Collect Things, but I Buy, Sell, Browse and Photograph Collections.  I can spend hours browsing the Thrift Shops, Flea Markets, Antique Shops, Furniture Stores, Malls and the 'Great Outdoors' in My Town. 
 What do you Collect From Around YOUR Town?  As you can see in the Photo Collage, 'Just About Anything Goes' as a Collectible Thing.  BTW...The Bananna Eating Gorilla' is not part of MY Collection...YET!
 I'm looking forward to seeing Your Collections on My Town Friday ShootOut on Friday, February 4th.
Sue...CollectInTexas Gal


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