Spotlight Photos - Black and White and the Letter F!

I noticed as I was visiting all the entries that a few mentioned how much they love the black and white theme and would like to do it again. I will have to post it again as a theme around mid year. Don't let me forget!! :-)

This coming Friday, January 28,  our theme is "The Letter F". What in your town starts with the letter F. Factory, faces, fabric, fair, family, fan, farm, fashion, freckles, fingers, foot, fish. You get the idea! Here is a link with words beginning with the letter F. Words Starting with F.

Here are my choices for "Spotlight Photos" Black and White. As always, if you have a fav, send me an email before Sunday so I can post your choice.


 Ginger - our January "In The Limelight"




Shabby Girl - Welcome Back!!


  1. I enjoyed seeing everybody's black and white photos and hope that we do it again. Thanks Doreen!


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