Spotlight Photos - Weird Stuff in your Town - Member Voice and Chit Chat!!

I am combining three posts into one today. A little behind here I guess..........

First....... Spotlight Photos for Weird Stuff in your Town. And if you haven't cruised around to the participants posts this week, you should!! You will see a lot of "weird" and "bizarre" things.

 Scriptor Senex


Knick Knacks



What a fun time seeing all the weird and bizarre stuff.

Member Voice for January 21. Our theme is Black and White photos and colors. So all black and white! Now if you take of pic of something all black, how will we see it? Or all white? Maybe something striped or checked with black and white. Show your favorite shots of your town in black and white. I can feel this one may be a little bit challenging. Use your imaginations and have fun!!

Now just a bit of chit chat. Check out your link in the members list to make sure it is going to the right place, or if you aren't on the list and would like to be, email me with how you would like your name to appear and the url of your blog. Also if you have any "future theme" suggestions email them also or leave in the comments here. If I have forgotten something, shoot me an email!

We had another "In The Limelight" posted last Wednesday so be sure to check it. Our "In The Limelight" has been a good way to get to know our fellow shooters so much better.



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