Member Voice for February 25 - From The Hip!!

From the Hip! That's right. Taken from the hip. Walk through a store or park or main street with your camera on your hip, shooting away! 

You can shoot high........ you can shoot low. You won't know! Or just shoot ahead of you as you walk. Maybe once in a while, shoot behind you. 

I did this while walking main street yesterday and it was tons of fun. (I am easily amused) I had no idea what I was taking shots of either. Just held my camera down in front of me as I walked along snapping away.

Here is a pic to share.

I like this shot because the people are straight but everything else is tilted. How is that possible? lol It was a very windy day yesterday so you can see their hair being blown about also. 


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  1. I think this topic is going to be a lot of fun. Your pictute turned out pretty clear considering you weren't aiming. I mean it's in focus.

  2. setting the camera on auto focus is a big help JarieLyn. this shoot was a lot of fun for me.

  3. This is going to be a difficult. I tried a few shots the other day but for one thing all I get is blurry old snow and ice and grit, and for another I fear it will give me a reputation of having gone totally mad...

  4. Did you read about the two New Zealand girls who posted on Youtube vidoe from the camera's they attached to their bums to record people looking at them in LA? They got more than one millions hits.

  5. I did not see that Ann. It would be fun though. were the cameras looking behind them?? lol


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