Spotlight Photos for Twisted, Curly, Contorted, Wound Spirally

Very fun to see each week how everyone sees the theme. So amazing to see the twists, spirals, curls, and contortion we pass by everyday, that we probably overlook, that our shooters captured.


Sue - CTG




Mark's jumbled mess of wires. one we can all relate to!

be sure to check out the two previous posts. member voice and "In The Limelight". 

 HAPPY SHOOTING and see you all Friday!


  1. Hi, I have missed taking part in the Friday Shoot Outs. Now things have settled a bit I will try to take part some more x

  2. Haha, the last one looks just like our living room! that made me laugh! Thank you for choosing my photo and making me smile!

  3. Hi Sara! great to hear from you. you have been missed. hope you to see joining in again soon.

  4. I think we can all relate to the jumbled wire mess Claire.


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