Spotlight Photos "Frame Your Photo" and Member Voice for Twisted, Curly, Contorted

Getting a little behind here once again! This Friday our theme is Twisted. Curly. Contorted. Wound Spirally. I really don't know what to say about this topic. Maybe ropes, braids, chains. The meaning of contorted is - to twist, bend, or draw out of shape; distort.

Have fun with this one. Soon the weather will be nicer and I will be able to get out with my camera. I am missing it! I actually can see grass in my yard. Overnight, just like getting 18 inches of snow, it has begun to melt. And the days are getting longer in daylight so I have time after work maybe to get out. 
 On with the "Spotlight Photos" for Frame Your Photo.







  1. Twisted and from the hip. Even if I've gone fishing, I can't ignore these topics. Far too juicy.

  2. lol!! I guess it is in how you interpret it Mark. It is right up your alley.

  3. I looking forward to the twisted Pictures too. Thank you for spot lighting my framed photo.


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