Member Voice for First FMTSO Scavenger Hunt! ~ Round - Square - Triangular ~

Our first FMTSO Scavenger Hunt for April 8th! When I posted this topic and asked for suggestions there was a lot of feedback. That is great! Monica made a suggestion for the guide lines that if you can find all three hunt words in one photo, add that as a fourth photo of the hunt. I think we should also expand the hunt area to include not just your town, but surrounding areas and the surrounding countryside.  

if you check the little building you can see Round - Square - Triangular. taken by Doreen at DeVos Place, Home and Garden Show. 

Monica was first to respond, so here is her member voice for Round - Square - Triangular. (with added guide lines)
Time for the first Friday My Town Scavenger Hunt!

Guide Lines:
* straight out of the camera, no editing
* one photo per word
* three words for each hunt
* add a fourth photo if you can find all three hunt words in one (or just post this one photo)
* hunt area includes your town, surrounding areas, surrounding countryside

The first theme that popped into my head when Doreen asked for suggestions was a series of different shapes: round, square, triangular. Ooops. It got chosen, and now I have to explain myself! I think architecture was at the top of my mind when I suggested it. Whole buildings, or perhaps just details like windows, doors, roofs, gables... These shapes are typical of man-made things, aren't they? But if you can find them in nature... All the more interesting! Just take the camera for a walk in your neighbourhood and see what you can find.

Besides the "one photo per word"... If you happen to see it... Please feel free to also add a fourth picture including all three shapes. ;)

Monica a.k.a DawnTreader (Sweden)

(I know, I said I would post this tomorrow but I noticed Double Takes with Rebecca is scheduled) :-)