Spotlight Photos - CHAOS!!

I was totally lost on this one but you all did a bang up job!! It is good to be challenged from time to time. I did notice the ones that post their link later are not getting as many visitors from fellow shooters. Always try to check Mr. Linky later in the weekend, if you have time, and visit the late comers. FMTSO has become like an extended family and we all need to support each other. We also are having a few new shooters joining in our fun. Welcome to you newbies and if you would like your name and link added to our member list on the sidebar, send me an email, Doreen, with how you would like your name to appear and the url for the blog. Thank you!!

 On with the chaos......... 


Jan Halvard

Sandra, Miss Madsnapper

Sue, CTG. very pretty chaos!

Our theme for March 18th is how your town celebrates St. Patrick's Day or if that is not for you, show us your green!!


  1. i want to say that i loved all the chaos, but Sue's pretty chaos of broken glass is just plain ART and gorgeous. great grab and photo Sue. i love it lots. this is fun and i am glad i joined in.


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