Double Takes with Rebecca: Simplicity

Have you ever looked at a photo
and noticed your eye is so distracted
it doesn't even know what the subject is?

Well, there are some techniques 
to keep in mind to help draw the viewers eye.
One of my favorite techniques 
is the use of negative space.

Negative space is simply empty space.
Empty in the sense that
there are no distractions.
I love the simplicity it creates.

You might use a solid background,
or a blurred, soft background
which helps frame the subject 
and gives your eye a place to rest.

Think of a portrait studio...
in a portrait studio you will find 
solid or softly textured backdrops.
 Because it draws your eye to the subject - 
 the person's face!

Some ideas that create negative space.
The sky
A reflective surface
A shallow depth of field
A backdrop or wall
And sometimes just moving your position
eliminates distracting backgrounds.

Try to apply this idea to some of your photographs.
You can have some fun 
and create stunning images too!


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