Member Voice for April 15th ~ Temples, Churches, Synagogues, House of Prayer ~

The theme for April 15th is Temples, Churches, Synagogues, House of Prayer. Places of worship are in every town or city. No matter what or whom you believe in, at one time or another we all have prayed, or talked things over with our higher power.

In the broadest sense, to pray is to make a request in a humble manner. The term to pray is now often used to refer to religious prayers: to commune with a spirit or deity that you believe in.  While the rituals and conventions of prayer may vary widely, the intention is the same--to renew one's spiritual connection with a power outside themselves.

You will find that you can pray anytime, anywhere, anyhow. It may help to be in a place where the focus is on spirituality (such as a church or temple) or where the environment reminds you of your spiritual bond (like a natural setting, or a spot with a big view). You can choose to pray in the presence of others, or you can pray privately.

 Show your places of worship from your town.

(this is next Friday's theme, this Friday is our first FMTSO Scavenger Hunt)