Spotlight Photos: Circle Triangle Square

This past week was the first ever scavenger hunt!
Did you have fun?
Your photos sure look like you did!

This photo is from Kim.
Like Kim, several of you had interesting vehicle shots.

Mark captured all in one
with a magical feel to boot!

And look at this house
Kerry found.
Two offset squares!

I bet you can find all
kind of shapes in this photo by Gigi.
I would love to snoop around here.

And Elaine's square
also has circles
and puts me in the mood for 
some Beatles' tunes.

This week...Temples, Churches, Synagogues, Houses of Prayer


  1. This was soooo much fun!!!! Wonderful shots all!! Sarah

  2. fantastic choices! bet it was fun. I posted late as I was in Vegas.

  3. Oh my again I am featured here that is so cool! Thanks!
    I am so impressed of that square house, I wonder what's going on at the first floor looks like a prison to me.


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