Spotlight Photos!! Favorite Assignment- April 1st!

Pauline - Weathered..stunning!

This weeks subject was,"favorite of all time" from our Assignment History Page. So it was kind of whatever you loved from the past..archived or renewed..and wow it was wonderful! Here are a few of my favorites!

JarieLyn - Night~ Beautiful~

Jama - Urban Macros...wowza~~~

Dawn Treader - Weird Stuff...yup and weirdly wonderful!!!

Elaine's (A Scattering)Shooter' Choice...seriously stunning macro shot!

Wowowowowowow guys you rocked this week! Don't forget...this week.... April 8 - Our First Friday My Town Shoot Out Scavenger Hunt!! Suggested by Dawn - round - square - triangular!

Have a wonderful week all, Sarah :)


  1. all of these are really good shots. i especailly like the one with the sunglasses, when i first saw it on her post, i thought it was wine glasses turned sideways, had to stare awhile to see it,

  2. these would be my choice for spotlight also. great job everyone!!


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