2nd Scavenger Hunt - Spin ~ Drop ~ Rest - by J9

 Our second FMTSO Scavenger Hunt for May 27,  Spin - Drop - Rest, was suggested by J9.
 In her words:

This is a scavenger hunt for images or items, or people or places in
your town that represent the actions of Spin, Drop, and Rest. Because
there really are no rules, you can pretty much interpret this however
you would like. Do you have a drop roller coaster in your town? How
about giving a new car a spin? What about rest? We know at least one
personality thinking of rest rooms (Bagman), but what do people in
your town do to rest? How about rain drops? Whirling Dervishes?
Spinning Laundry? Mattress Stores? Let's see what we can all come up
with, and have fun!

(photo by J9)

This will be quite a challenge J9!!



  1. thanks for the info, i had no idea what to do for this one other than a self portrait of me on the sofa with my laptop on my lap. like now

  2. Good shot! Thanks for stopping by to my blog. :) LG Tina

  3. geez, I don't know Dawn. I will email Sarah, she takes care of Mr. Linky. I will check into it.


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