Spotlight Photos - Flowers with Character in your Town

 Camella / Althea. is she so sweet or what?

 J9 / this rose is so soft and I think I can even smell it.

 Madsnapper / Mexican Sunflower. I love the way the sun is in the background.

 Lena / fantastic frilly flowers in the fog.

 Rebecca / Magnolias. so gorgeous!

Kim / simply sweet perfection.

This Friday is our second FMTSO Scavenger Hunt.
May 27 - Second Friday My Town Shoot Out Scavenger Hunt - Spin ~ Drop ~ Rest by J9.
If you are new to our shoot outs, click on the tab above, FMTSO Scavenger Hunts and you will see a post of the guidelines for the hunts.  See the previous post for the member voice by J9. 



  1. there were so many beautiful flowers, i loved this one, i like flowers and the little girl flower is specail


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