Spotlight Photos * Spin * Drop * Rest * and Member Voice for June 3rd

Hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Very busy weekend for me. I took today off work also....... just because. Thank you to all who participated in our second Scavenger Hunt. Here are the spotlight photos in no particular order.

Mark, spin. I also Love his rest pic! Hard to decide which to show here.

Ginger, drop. These falls are just totally gorgeous.

J9, spin. (and drop!) and eventually coming to rest.

Jama, rest. (and the fan spinning)  Children are so precious, and when they are sleeping, remind me of angels.

 The theme for June 3rd is Your Town at Night or Dusk. Show us your town's hot spots and the quiet spots. This will be good practice for night shots. For a bit of info click on Night Photography Lesson. Dusk is better to shoot in than when it gets very dark. Just have fun and enjoy shooters!!



  1. Don't go to town in the evening much so I have to work out something.
    Last theme was great.


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