Member Voice for June 17 - National Fishing Day suggested by Camella

 Camella's Member Voice on National Fishing Day.

Okay, I admit it I did not do a lot of research when I viewed a web based calendar that said June 18 was Go Fishing Day. I knew that National Fishing and Boating week was in June, so I just assumed… so let’s start over and say our theme for the week ending June 17th is “Fishing and/or Boating” in honor of National Fishing and Boating Week.

I grew up fishing with my dad. Most weekends were spent at a creek or river in North Florida fishing for Bream but often we would head to the pier on the beach and fish for Red Fish and whatever else we could catch. Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico we had our pick of what to fish for and fish was a staple of our diet.

More than 39 million people fish each year in the United States according to The American Sportfishing Association. This is 33 times more than the average attendance at ALL Major League baseball parks combined!

National Fishing and Boating week always falls the first full week in June and coincides with most states free fishing days. It is sponsored by The (RBFF) Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation which is administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; the RBFF was founded following the passing of the Sportfishing and Boating Safety Act of 1998 which “required the Secretary of the Interior to implement a national outreach and communication plan to address participation issues associated with recreational fishing and boating, while ensuring public support for aquatic resource conservation.”

There are numerous websites that list the free fishing days for your state including or you may contact your local DNR office.

I encourage you to go fishing or boating or to go observe someone who is. I find it peaceful to just sit on the bank or in the boat reading, shooting photos or marking wildflowers/birds in my field guide. There are so many sights, sounds and smells near the water that just thinking about my next trip brings a smile to my face.

I look forward to seeing all the photos of the fishing, boating, fish, boats, fishermen and women and anything to do with the water.