Spotlight Photos ~ National Fishing Day ~ chosen by Camella

First off, Pheno Menon the #8 posted link on our Mr. Linky page, I could not connect with your link. It did not work for me so don't think I missed you. I tried several times and no go. Sorry!

It was so fun for me to see everyone's posts on this theme, as I did not have anything to share. You would think living in a town with two rivers running through it that I would have something to show. Great job by everyone!!






Just a little chit chat. Our theme for this Friday is Hats, chosen by JarieLyn. And if at any time you have an all time favorite for Spotlight Photos, shoot me an email!


  1. Hi everyone, I chose hats over a year ago because, well it just popped into my head when we were asked to brainstorm for ideas. I think hats have personality and/or they can add personality to the person wearing it. Photograph hats off of heads and hats on heads. That's all I have to say on this subject. Have fun. :)


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