Member Voice for our third FMTSO Scavenger Hunt!!

Our official third scavenger hunt (July 8) was suggested by Kerry ~ Small ~ Medium ~ Large ~.

A reminder of the guidelines for our scavenger hunts:
Guide Lines:
* straight out of the camera, no editing
* one photo per word
* three words for each hunt
* add a fourth photo if you can find all three hunt words in one (or just post this one photo)
* hunt area includes your town, surrounding areas, surrounding countryside

 Easy-peasy this week: (in her words)

Something small.
Something medium.
Something large.

Try not to confuse yourself like I just did when I thought about how size is a relative thing. But then I remembered this old ditty from Sesame Street, and it cheered me right up:

Oh, everything comes in its own special size
I guess it can be measured
By where you put your eyes
It's so big when you're close
It looks smaller back a bit
That's about the size of it

a pic by Kerry to demonstrate her thoughts



  1. I'd like to try this one, Doreen...what is the part about three words for each hunt mean?

  2. I loved the video - thanks Kerry for my smile for today.

  3. Heather, it is a three work scavenger hunt. meaning you have three words, such as small/medium/large to hunt for pics to depict the word. instead of our weekly one word themes, the scavenger hunts we have three words to shoot for. you can show a photo for each of the three words for the hunt or one pic if you can show all three words in the one photo. does this clear it up for you? we also have a tab at the top of the page showing our previous hunts and the guidelines for the scavenger hunt and how it all came about.

  4. Okay, that's what I thought but just wanted to be sure that this didn't mean I could only write three words for each of the three photos shared ;) hahaha

    Thank you for clearing it up for me, Doreen :)

  5. I just noticed I typed work instead of word in the first line in my comment above. sorry! yes, one pic for small, one for medium and one for large or ONE pic with all three of the scavenger words in it. we do these hunts around once a month or so Heather.

  6. Heather, do come back again for this one. I love to see pictures from Vermont, I do.

    Ginger, I love this little video, too, and you are welcome!

    Doreen, thanks again for everything you do for FSO.


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