Spotlight Photos for the Letter B and Member Voice for Fresh

We are having a heat wave here in Michigan shooters! Right now at 12:52 it is 85 degrees with 77% humidity. That means the air is heavy enough to chew. 

 Spotlight Photos is no particular order. 

Tiffany - band

 Heather - bus and on the bus is advertised burgers

 JarieLyn - boys, blue, baseball cap and in the background Bank of America and a bat

 Kim - barn and baler

 Mark - bridge

I also noticed some "behinds" in a couple of pics.

This Friday our theme is Fresh. 

Meaning new to one's experience; not encountered before. Recently made, produced, or harvested; Free from impurity or pollution; pure. Many choices here for fresh. 

 Here is the definition of fresh from the online dictionary. 

fresh  (frsh)
adj. fresh·er, fresh·est
1. New to one's experience; not encountered before.
2. Novel; different: a fresh slant on the problem. See Synonyms at new.
3. Recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled: fresh bread.
4. Not preserved, as by canning, smoking, or freezing: fresh vegetables.
5. Not saline or salty: fresh water.
6. Not yet used or soiled; clean: a fresh sheet of paper.
7. Free from impurity or pollution; pure: fresh air.
8. Additional; new: fresh evidence.
9. Bright and clear; not dull or faded: a fresh memory.
10. Having the glowing, unspoiled appearance of youth: a fresh complexion.
11. Untried; inexperienced: fresh recruits.
12. Having just arrived; straight: fashions fresh from Paris.
13. Revived or reinvigorated; refreshed: I was fresh as a daisy after the nap.
14. Fairly strong; brisk: a fresh wind.
15. Informal Bold and saucy; impudent.
16. Having recently calved and therefore with milk. Used of a cow.
17. Slang Excellent; first-rate.

Happy Shooting!!


  1. Nice choices, Doreen...funny, I hadn't even thought of burgers...but look there, there's a picture of one, even. Actually, the bus's business name is "Beansie's" :)

  2. Yup. Good topic. I like and of course Bagman likes it because he is always a little fresh.


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