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Last Friday was our official third scavenger hunt which was chosen by Kerry. Small / Medium / Large. 

 EG WOW wowed me with her choices to represent the theme. So fitting the theme and representing her area of this world. Go here to see her post and description of Canadian coins.

Canadian Penny / Small

 Canadian Quarter / Medium

 Canadian Toonie / Large

I have chosen to spotlight two of our shooters photos for the "all in one" shot of the hunt theme. And I am telling you, it was not easy for me to narrow it down to just two!! 

Jama - small / Flower Bunny - medium / Merlion Statue - large

 SS collection of rocks and stones. Now see if you can see what I did. Do you see a profile of a face on one of the stones?

 Another great hunt done by everyone!!

Just a bit of chit chat here. The theme for the next Friday is "The Letter B". 

 And I am wondering what to do with the member list on the FMTSO site. Many of the members listed there have not participated in quite a long time. Should I delete it entirely or try to update it with the recent shooters? Or if any of you have any ideas or solutions please suggest them. Thanks for any feedback. 



  1. Great choices, Doreen :) I'm looking forward to next week's theme and getting out into the big wide world for some new 'B' shots!

    Honestly, I think that you ought to combine the FSO sites into one. It can be confusing to people who come to one's post and have never seen/known about would be simpler to keep everything together into one blog, don't you think?

    About the sidebar list...that's a hard one. I have the 'Soaring' site and there are quite a few people who are no longer contributing and who no longer blog {I think - their sites show no updates}, but they are still listed. Maybe post with the title 'Are you still contributing?" or something of the such to let these people know they may be removed from the sidebar.

    Really, whenever I have visited, even when I'm not contributing, I got over to the Linky site...and when I do contribute, that's were I go. The only time I visit this one is to catch up after awhile and to see the spotlight photos of the week.

    I can offer my services to help out with any of this, if you need me. You know that I am tech-savy :) Maybe even set up the site in a similar setting as the Soaring blog is, with the gallery main page and information showing. Get in touch if this interests you, okay?

  2. I agree with Heather - "Maybe post with the title 'Are you still contributing?" or something of the such to let these people know they may be removed from the sidebar."

    Having not contributed for a while (to 'Soaring' as well) it was nice to know my name was still on there when I re-emerged from a busy non-blogging period. Having said that, there has to be a limit to how loing you can keep people on so Heather's suggestion seems a good compromise. Those who are just visiting occasionally can ask for dispensation to be kept on and those who don't respond can be dropped after a while.

  3. the point of the two blog-sites, Mr linky & MTFSO, was so that we didn't have to keep up with the member list and people could float on and off the FSO without needing to make an - every friday - commitment. Maybe the member list could become a link - like you did the 'history' list. I've used the member list a couple times lately looking for old-timers who hadn't posted a FSO recently and I wanted to check in with them. I do this really randomly so not a good reason for keeping it on the FSO blog page - just letting you know how it may be used.

    I love this group but find myself not posting as often... 100 topics is quite a few to maintain interest, but I still want to be thought of as part of the whole....

  4. Heather - the two sites were set up this way when I took over. if I remember correctly, it had something to do with the Mr. Linky and getting a free Mr. Linky to co-operate!! Soaring is a great site but I don't think that set up would work for what we do here. we will see what everyone thinks and go from there. glad you are joining us lately!!

    John - glad to see you back with us again. you were missed. when I have some time I may go visit each member's blog and see what they are up to. some may not be blogging anymore.

    Ginger - I really like you idea of putting the member list on a page or link at the top instead of on the side. my only thought is, if it is out of sight will it be out of mind? you know that old saying...... :-) I also agree with you, it does get hard to shoot every week and I totally understand how some do get bored or tired of it all. I do at times also. I am glad to see people come back though and new ones join in!!

  5. Oh, I can see how that would happen with the Linky...depending on the blog administrators and emails and such. It does make a difference. I was thinking about the setup after I wrote this and thought the same thing, doesn't have the same affect over here.


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