Spotlight Photos - Pink!! and Member Voice

Ah Ha!! So pink was challenging you say. That's good! Makes one wake up and really become aware of your surroundings. That is the reasoning for excluding flowers. Too easy! Were you all surprised at the pink you found once you truly started hunting? Fun shoot out and hope you all enjoyed it also. 

 Our shooters found pink cars!!

a pink toy car behind a pink cactus - MizzKay

a pink 1934 Ford - EGWow

~ and pink buildings ~

pink trim and accents on this Victorian home - Tiffany

a pink building in Chinatown Singapore - Jama

a totally pink building, Ringling Art Museum - Sandra

Are you getting hungry yet after all this hunting for pink? How about some pink food!

pink salmon on pink plates - Ann

pink candles on a yummy cake for dessert - Heather

This Friday, August 5, our challenge is Shooters Choice!! Anything goes as long as it showcases your town. Oh no!! That means we will be setting Bagman and Butler on the loose to shoot at a whims desire. Stay tuned for this one ....... :-)


  1. it was amazing to me how much pink there is out there that is not flowers or little girls in pink dresses.


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