Spotlight Photos * Rust * Rusty * Rustic * & Member Voice for Match it!!

 First, what a fantastic shoot out last Friday by everyone. Who would have thought that rust could be so beautiful? 

 Participation is up lately for our shoot outs. A few new shooters and a few have come and joined us once again. Keep the enthusiasm shooters!!

 In no particular order:

John aka Scriptor Senex

 Monica aka Dawn Treader

 Dinah newcomer!

 Peggy aka QMM

 Mark aka Bagman, Butler, B&B

For this Friday (August 19) we have a challenge that is very new and unusual. I will let you be the judge of that.
Match it!! Match a photo from your town with one of your favorite quotes. Or ..... take your favorite quote to town and match a scene to it. Let your creative juices flow shooters. This may take a bit more planning and thought than other shoot outs we have had. Then again, this may be right up your alley and be a piece of cake for you. 



  1. I think this will be quite a challenge yet it could be a lot of fun. At least it will get us all thinking.

    Great choices on the spotlight photos. I especially like Dawn's.


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