Spotlight Photos - Stairs!!


 Our fun subject this week was stairs..going up, coming down, from behind. I had such fun feeling a bit            dizzy..wonderful shots that kinda gave me the willies..but beautiful too!

                                                                          Dawn Treader....

                                                                              Jama's shot....

K ..I want one of these in front of my house! Kim's shot!

Ok..Mark this is just beautiful!!!

Last but not lease..this stunning shot by Doreen!
Beautiful job all!!

Next weeks subject is....Columbus Day in the United States and Thanksgiving Day in Canada are October 10. Show us something you have discovered in your town or something you are thankful for in your town!


  1. all of these are beautiful, i especially like Marks stone stairs wow

  2. all of the pics are fantastic choices Sarah. thanks for choosing one of mine also.

  3. Wow, sorry I missed participating. These are awesome finds. Things have settled down a little and am hoping to get back in the swing of blogging!

  4. loved them all; but mark's stone steps: simply wonderful texture+color.




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