Spotlight Photos

I love how Collect in Texas Gal
captured this monarch with backlighting.

And these sweet cherries by Jama 
are beautifully composed and lit.

I love the waterdrops on 
Another Slice of Life's 
Sweet Peas.

And the photo of the old Sweet Shop 
by Scriptor Senex.

A beautiful collection of photos was submitted 
representing sweetness!

Next up...a Scavanger Hunt.  

Check the details here


  1. all beautiful, and I love the butterfly

  2. Thank-you Rebecca for selecting my Monarch Butterfly photo. I'm always honored and pleased to have a photo Spotlighted with such talented MTFSO photographers.

  3. I think the butterfly was an excellent choice, Rebecca. I don't know how you choose from such good and imaginative selections that appear.


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