The Challenge for November 18 ~ Symmetry ~

This is our challenge for November 18. So .... what is it?
 The balance of design elements where one side equals another.
 Balanced visual weight in the photo.
 The effect of an evenly balanced arrangement of visual information, such as patterns, on either side of a central division.

 Whew!! So what does all that mean? 

Happy Shooting!!


  1. Thanks for the link to examples, Doreen. I was struggling to think of anything before I saw those.

  2. i got so caught up in the link photos I almost forgot to come back and comment. i had no idea what it meant until i STARED at all those photos. i have one like the dock in my archives. now i will start to look around. i said we had no fences here and now i can't go anywhere without seeing a fence. hope i find lots of symmetry

  3. you two are not alone. I also was not so sure what symmetry was in photography. this should be fun and challenging.


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