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Hi All! 

 As you may have noticed Mr. Linky has not worked at all this weekend. Now, I just went there and tried to open the comments and those won't work for me also. 
 What to do? 

 FMTSO is open now for any suggestions or ways to do FMTSO a new way. 
 Shall we just do it all on one site?
How about having a post on the weekly challenge and then just go visit everyone by the comments? 
 Does anyone know how to add a link in the comments that would take the reader to their post for FMTSO?
 That would make it very simple I would think.

 Open for discussion...........


  1. did you see this on the linky blog

    This site is using Mister Linky's Magical Widgets. Click here to display the links for this post.
    Blog Owner: You may upgrade to display more than one Linky at a time.

    they want you to upgrade to show the links, did you try that to see if they charge?
    other than that, have to think hard on how to do it.

  2. i´m using inlinkz.com since some month and never had problems. may be you want to give it a try!

  3. an other way is to open the opportunity that people can show there url in the comment. than you can do it about the comments.

  4. Wish I could be helpful but I'm totally untechno! Perhaps ask Tina for more info on that inlinkz.com thingy?

  5. Most memes I participate in have switched to inlinkz.com It seems that Mr Linky has been getting more and more unreliable.
    I like inlinkz because it displays an icon for each blogger, it's a nice way to recognise bloggers at first glance or to give people a glimpse of what you want to show them.

    Here's a guide on how to add clickable links to the comments - I can't explain here because Blogger refuses to publish the comment if I make any mistakes to make the code visible...

  6. The best is how we have been doing it.

    If this cn't be done, we can perthaps see a comment to FSO, and we comment each otyher. Photohunt does this, and I am not in favour, but is better than nothing. I do already comment those who I always visit and those who visit me. We have become great friends.

  7. Blog Walking..
    Visit Back Please.. :)

    ^Hacker Blitar™..

    Yuk tukar link :)

    Salam damai dari Blogger Blitar :D


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