Spotlight Photos for Symmetry

All of our shooters did a great job this past Friday with the theme of symmetry. I was very impressed!!
Here they are!!

Suzy - The Grand Ballroom of Larnach Castle. My eyes are drawn to the fireplace. And I notice how it is decorated so identically from one side to the other. (is identically a word?)

Ann - Viking Boat. This photo is mesmerizing. I look along the sides at the windows and little wall lights, up to the tip of the boat and down to floor with the posts all around and back again to the windows and lights. When a photo makes your eyes travel all around like that ......... that is a great photo!

Heather - Heart. I had a hard time between choosing this one and the walkway she had posted.

Jama - (to quote Jama)
The underside of the 260meter long   (850ft) and  70 meter-wide (230 ft.) Esplanade  road -bridge that spans across the mouth of the Singapore River in Singapore  which is lighted nightly with different colours.

Pauline - Yucca Plant. Perfect!!

QMM - Ceiling Fixture. A beautiful light. Another photo that draws me in.

From my post many visitors really liked my swans. I don't usually post one of mine, but just thought I would tell you all a little more about the shot. I took this shot with my telephoto lens. I was not close to the swans, and there were many on this part of the river. It was our first freezing frosty morning so it was also foggy. I think they were just trying to sleep away the cold frosty morning. I focused in on these two swans. Notice the ripple on the water behind them? A couple of swans swam through the shot. I didn't like the way it looked with them in the shot so I just waited until they were out of the photo before snapping.

Our theme for this Friday is Lawn Tools. Have fun and use your imagination with this one. And, as always, HAPPY SHOOTING!!


  1. I'm glad that you do these spotlight photos, Doreen...I can't always make it around to everyone and it's great to see more in one place.

    Lawn tools!! Oh boy, if we get the snow that they're talking about - I might just have some lawn tools for you :)

  2. I am glad you added yours too. It is really a nice photo and didn't have a chance to visit either.

    They are all great ideas.

  3. Thanks for posting mine. The others are so very amazing. The ship just held me mystified.

  4. Thanks so much for posting mine. All were great, but I still think your swans are best.


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