Changes for the New Year! Authors Wanted!

Happy New Year 
to all of our FMTSO Friends!
We have some news to update you on.

Our administrator, 
 has requested to step down from her duties at FMTSO 
as she is hoping to take a little break from blogging. 
Thank you to Doreen for keeping things running for us, 
 for your time and efforts at FMTSO. 
Enjoy your downtime...
and we hope to see you here again when you are ready.

Rebecca will be assuming administrative duties.
Sarah will stay on as an author 
and the person posting the linky each week. 
We would like to add one or two people 
to help author Spotlight Photos each week.
Would you like to join the team?
Send Rebecca a message or 
leave a comment below. 

Recently, you may have noticed 
Sarah has had technical difficulties getting the linky page up. 
We apologize for the inconvenience. 
We are planning on migrating the linky page to our main blog in the future,
 that way any of the authors can help post the linky when needed. 


  1. I would help out but I have no photography experience and would have no vocabulary to even comment about photos. I am still learning and might be able to help in the future. Thanks to Doreen for her past work and educational input.

  2. Heartfelt thanks to Doreen for all she's done for us. A rest is well deserved.
    Like Peggy I would volunteer if I knew the first thing about photography. I just know what I like or what tickles my fancy. And I see now that Mark is taking on the task with Butler and Bagman - and that's GREAT news!

  3. thanks Pauline and Peggy. I think I have bloggers burn out!! and you both are completely qualified to help out with spotlights. it is always great to have different perspectives on the photos. everyone sees things differently and we all can learn from each other. have fun!!


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