Spotlight Photos - Arms and Legs

Time to roll up the sleeves on my arms and post this week's Spotlight Photos.  I'm working alone this morning.  Bagman is on vacation on a Cruiseship somewhere dancing the nights away.  Butler is in the corner exploring the innards of interface and internet trying to figure out why we couldn't seem to pull up Elaine's post at The Scattering.  I'm sure it was great and sorry not to be able to see it. 

But we had a very large selection this week to begin with - 13 entries for Friday the 13th.  A real armful requiring lots of legwork to pull out some for the spotlight.   So without further puns, we have:

He can lie all he wants - I'm not challenging him!
Puppet on steroids!

I could do this as long as I didn't have to go in the water. 

The color on the left hand mesmerizes me

(Check out all three versions on the site)

Everybody say, "Awwwwwwww."

Everybody say, "Aweeeeeee," again.

I've promised myself to stay under 6 shots.  Otherwise I'd just post everything!  What a talented bunch of people come here weekly! 

Next week the theme is "GLASS."   


  1. Please tell me Bagman didn't head off on a cruise to Tuscany.

  2. love the puppet on steroids. and the baby, awwwwww.

  3. Very talented photographers indeed. I love all the pics you chose.
    I regret missing the shoot out.


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