Spotlight Photos - Delicate

What a great variety of responses we had this week to the theme of "delicate."   It made me see the word in many new ways. 

Ginger's documentary of falling houses

It didn't seem delicate at first but then I saw behind the pictures, how nature gives us the delicate infrastructure of our planet and we often don't pay attention to it when we build on it.  And pay the price later. 

Queenmother's delicate Ethiopian necklace

The delicate circle of relationships and human diversity.  I will never really understand war. 

Dawn trader came through with a beautiful ship model

Ranu's jellyfish

And Tin's delicate seeds

Okay, and finally I will bend to the kind suggestions of some of  you who asked that I spotlight one of mine...



  1. I thought the same thing but did not comment that but It is indeed perfect.

  2. Sorry, that comment was about the photo of the eyelashes.

  3. I wonder where is the linky of the new theme? I get lost ^_^ My up close and personal is up.


  4. love the eyelashes - just perfect for the prompt.


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