Spotlight Photos - The End of the Year / Favorites

Bagman, Butler and I are honored that Rebecca has given us the job of periodically posting the spotlight photos.  I am also relieved that these are "Spotlight" photos and not "Winning" photos because I avoid the role of judge as much as possible.   Just thinking about it has prompted me toward a possible blog on judgement.  To me, every photo posted is a winner and I love them all.  But since the spotlight is not infinited, I'll enjoy picking ones that strike my fancy for one reason or another.   Rebecca can always fire me.  And besides, I do have Bagman and Butler to help me which reduces the pressure.

So last week was the end, and or favorite memories, or favorite photos...I love flexible themes.

And I loved Dawn Treader's duck's end because it made me laugh. 


And from Pauline in the Paddock.  I started to pass this one up because I spend so much time with my granddaughter that the baby thing sometimes gets a bit old -- to be oxymoronic.  But Bagman and Butler insisted.  Bagman kind of liked this because babies are so cute and cuddly but Butler went nuts over it, exclaiming, "The textures, the soft muted light, the easy rolling curves of baby, blanket, couch.  And the histogram is to die for."

Jama's wedding shot got Bagman's nod because he loves to see happy people in love and this really captures a wonderful beginning.  A favorite memory.  A beginning and not an end -- although it could be seen as the end of waiting to be together.  

I couldn't resist this classic  "End of the snowman family" by Peggy the Queenmother Mamaw.  Inflatables end deflated.  (I've always wanted to go to wherever the balloons are deflated after the Macy's Parade).

And finally all three of us loved the sunset by E.G. Wow, because -- well -- it is a WOW.   

Those are the lighted spots.   I'll try to be less wordy next time.  But, of course, I will fail. 


  1. Please, please, don't control yourself and the wordiness. That's a great commentary!!

  2. Well, I think you did a great job, the 3 of you.

  3. good pics, you all did a great job

  4. Boy am I dieing laughing. I read your post before I came over here and lo and behold there is my photo. I have got to say the ideas that come from a photo say it all sometimes without being professional shots. Great job as far as I can see.

  5. Thanks for choosing one of my photo, Mark and the gang..

  6. fantastic job Mark, B and B. have fun and enjoy!!


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