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Great theme, great has been an absolute joy to go through everyone's photos this week.  Not quite so much fun having to cut down the number of shots for the spotlight to six. 

Yes, I know that I could break that rule I've set for myself.  Bagman breaks rules on my blog all the time.  But if  I post seven then why not eight?  Or twenty eight? 

By the way, you are all welcome to vote!  Not that this is a strictly democratic process.  Rebecca, for instance, voted that I post one of mine, but as the Spotlight Despot (say that three times fast), I vetoed it.  I enjoy spotlighting others more. 

So, jumping right in:

Ranu's excellent glass with light and shadows.

Queen Mother's stained glass
I was torn between this and her glass necklace

Jama's "House of Glass" art institute
Hooray for architects who think outside the box!

Dawn Treader's Glassmaster's House
Nice photoshopping
And I also was struck by documenting the process as well as the result

Ginger - the studio where her fascinating windows were made
Welcome back, Ginger!  Keep shooting!

And J9's mosaic ball!

And that makes six.  However, I am going to cheat a little bit with a verbal spotlight -- Rebecca had some fascinating stain glass windows from St. Mary's castle.  But she does an awesome job of protecting the copyright by making it impossible to simply cut and paste them.   But you can see them by linking here. 

And that makes 6 1/2.  

Next week's theme is "Delicate."    I can't wait. 

Well, actually, I can wait.  I have to.  It's only Monday.    Have a prolific and delicate week.



  1. thanks for putting me on the list. all the rest are just what I would have picked - when I had this fun job I often let the comments dictate.... you seem to do the same....


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