Double Takes With Rebecca: Exposure I

Proper Exposure can make all the difference in the quality of your photo. 
Exposure is simply how much light is allowed into the camera.
If you rely on the auto setting, your camera will evaluate the scene 
and choose settings accordingly.  
But auto is not always flawless! 
There are things that trick your camera's light meter. 
You might need to out think your camera.

There are three things that affect exposure. 
Learn these three things and they will take you into a new world!

1.  The ISO setting 
ISO is the sensor's sensitivity to light.
100 ISO is low sensitivity to light, captures less light
800 ISO is higher sensitivity to light, captures more light.

If you ever shot with film, 
this referred to the film speed,
 or the film's sensitivity to light.

2.  The Shutter Speed
Shutter Speed is how long your camera's shutter opens for a shot.
A fast shutter speed would let in less light.
A long shutter speed would let in more light.

3.  The Aperture
The aperture is how big of an opening your lens makes for the shot.
A large opening lets in more light.
A smaller opening lets in less light. 

Exposure is a mix of all these things! 
It is called the Exposure Triangle.

For now, just try to get a handle on 1., 2., and 3.
I'll take it a little further in Exposure II


  1. Long ago I had a 35mm camera where I was supposed to know this stuff, and know it quickly.I guess I never mastered it. Even with my little digital camera I think this is well worth revisiting b/c the auto setting, although quite smart, is sometimes frustrating.


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