Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mr Linky Unlinked

Hmmm....I probably messed up.  I think that I was suppose to put the link on this week but because I usually don't do it, it slipped my memory -- and Friday was a lost cause anyhow and I didn't even post mine until later.  So I apologize if I messed up.  

I know that I was told how to do the linking but can't find the email...

Sorry everyone. 


  1. there were a few of us that checked through blogger dashboard, but because I've not been participating regular I don't follow all the new bloggers.... if you want you can send me the instructions - and when you need help I can jump in....

  2. No hon...was my fault sorry:(

  3. you were doing it for us, thanks for the good job in the past.

  4. Don't sweat the small stuff, I say. No need for apologies. I think we all appreciate what you guys do for us and if we aren't up to helping by doing it, our prob, not yours.
    Just keep smiling!


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