Spotlight Photos - MACRO

I suspect that I missed some because of my failure to back-up Sarah with the link.  But glad to see so many people came back and linked up.   I'm going to get the spotlight post ready today but not post it until later on Tuesday so people will have a chance to play with Rebecca's great photosimulator!

But in no particular order and for no particular reason, here are the Macro Spotlights for this week:

Pauline's Spring Bud

J9's Rusty link

Ann's Spider Web

Suzy's tightly packed plants

Cheryl's Robin

Lena's Dandelion
(Please don't blow it toward my lawn)

And next week we have the pleasure, courtesy of Queen Mother Mamow, of a SCAVANGER HUNT!

Wood - metal - stone! 

BAGMAN: "Isn't that a child's game.  Metal cuts stone, stone smashes wood, wood...well, what could wood do to metal anyhow?"

BUTLER:  "You are thinking of rock, paper, scizzors."


  1. Yay! The three shooters from New Zealand feature this week! Cool.

  2. great choices only one you missed of my favorites is Jama's draggonfly.... wood supports metal....
    looking forward to FRiday.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! Great macros all!! Ya know I love a good macro shot!!

  4. Yay for the kiwis and all the others too - loved them all.


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