Spotlight Photos - Motion

Bagman is still sleeping on my studio floor, I'm happy to say.  But that the motion-theme dust has settled, Butler is smiling at the variety of creative approaches the Friday shooters took.

Hmm.  I just thought that most of you know my blog and understand that first paragraph.  Any new photographer would probably just think I'm crazy. 

Hmm.  Of course, that might be accurate.

Anyhow, this week I was really impressed by the different ways that we all approached the theme of motion in photography.  I am deeply appreciative for Rebecca's suggestions when posting the theme.  She often gives us stuff to think about.

We had a bit of a train theme going -- trains are, of course, great subjects for motion.

BUTLER: "Unless they are standing still."

Dawn Treader's train was blurred just enough to indicate it's speed

Jama's train was flying!!  Yee ha!

Some of us took a different creative approach to show motion.

Suzy showed motion through sequence
(reminiscent of Eadweard Muybridge, that famous photographer
whose parents gave him a first name they couldn't spell correctly)

Ann found a statue that seemed to defy gravity to indicate motion

Lena let the wind do the work with great results.

And Ranu used a slow shutter and adjusted color to create this magnificent shot.

Okay!  And that's my allotted six.  But I am going to break my own rules (which I do all the time) and add one "Extra Credit" shot to welcome back Heather who has posted after a bit of an absence to show her boys playing basketball:

Next week's Theme is "Paths, Steps, and Walkways."   I'm looking forward to seeing what we do with this one. 


  1. A great selection. Hopefully I'm back - even if I did forget to put my link on last week!

  2. Wow, these are some nice shots! Of course, I just got a motion shot yesterday...a little late.


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