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I promised myself that I would NOT, under any circumstances, begin this week's spotlight with my usual complementary whine about how there are so many great photographs and so much great talent that it is so difficult to make choices about which ones to spotlight.   So I won't.

BUTLER: Sure, Mark.  Very clever.  And you think that anybody is going to miss the fact that you just did it anyway?

I just mutter something about being glad that I'm not a judge on American Idol and start posting this week's Spotlights:

Pauline's ladder door
(Please step around while entering
to avoid bad luck)

Queenmother Mamaw's Colorful Door

QMM's variety made it hard to choose -- the artist painting in the front yard, her son's pen and ink drawing...By the way, so far the Queenmother holds a perfect posting attendance record for 2012.  But no pressure!   

Jama's Red Door/Red Windows

E.G.Wow's Tree Door
The imagination runs wild

I love to open doors and go inside and see what's there.  Of all the doors posted this week, I think this is the one I would enter.  Either this one or Dawn Treader's Keyhole Door House.

Mizzkay's church interior

Ann's vaulted church door

Congratulations to Kim for making it to the Alamo.  It brought back some happy memories for me..or at least some memories.

BAGMAN: "Were you friends with Davey Crockett?"

"I'm not that old, Baggie," I answer.  "But I did shoot pictures of it once and then accidentally opened the camera and ruined all of them.   On the other hand, I've heard that I am a direct descendent of Davey although the Crocket family completely disowned that particular branch.  Maybe I'll tell the story sometime.

Anyhow, next week's theme is "Bring on the Green."    I see from the comments that Elaine at the Scattering is hoping to get back -- I hope she does too. 

BUTLER:  Of course you do.  The more people who post, the more you can complain about how hard your job of choosing is!

I'm not complaining," I reply.  "In fact, this week I specifically did not complain."

See y'all on Friday! 


  1. The Tree Door is so fantastic. But it sad that the tree is dead.

  2. Love all the choices this week. Hope Elaine rejoins us also. Even if there is no whining about how hard the job is, I still appreciate how hard the job is...

  3. It is a difficult job and you do it so well! I LOVE the Colorful door by QMM!

  4. Wow, and you take attendance too!

  5. Thanks for choosing my photo once again !
    I'll be away this Friday, and will probably be offline till Sunday. Can I just schedule my entry for Friday ( Singapore time) and you link it up for me? Will be back by Sunday night and will do the visiting round then. Thanks.

  6. Jama I'll LInk for you - Not to worry.

  7. Glad you chose the tree door - well done EGWow!

  8. D--- it Mark where is the link? I can never find it. Thanks for choosing my photo.

  9. Where is the link for the green? ^_^


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