Spotlight Photos -- Green

This time, I literally bowl over Butler and Bagman in my headlong rush to get the spotlight in and out!

BAGMAN (Picking himself up): "What the...!?"

"No time," I say.  "Kay has just drifted off in her swing and so far today her naps have been averaging ten minutes!  I think I'm spoiling her and she wants to wake up and play with me.  In any case, I've got to move or I'll be typing this with one hand.  And it won't be pretty."

BUTLER: "I do not have a problem with that, Mark.  But I do fail to understand how Bagman can pick himself up.   What part of him is already up and can provide leverage to lift the rest of him.  Or does he change gravity or something?  It is like the old saying, 'picking yourself up by your bootstraps'.  Personally, I think it is impossible."

BAGMAN: "Do you really want to know what part of me is already up?"

Hearing Kay beginning to coo and talk to herself in the other room, I use B&B Temp Delete Key, which I have never used before and they both promptly disappear.  Having never used it before, I just hope that the B&B Insert Key works just as well tomorrow.  

This Friday was GREEN and we had a record 16 posts!  At least this is the record for 2012.  I seem to remember in the early days that we had thousands of posts.

And this is the first time this year that I've seen Mad Snapper back!  Yea, Mad!  And Mad sure hit the St. Patrick's Day theme with her Parade coverage!

Mad Snapper makes Macy's envious!

Jama also shot a parade of olive green soldiers which would have gone well here, thematically, but I decided to use another of her shots instead --

Jama's St. Paddy's Fairy

Ginger's Green Palm was, well, REALLY green!

Scriptors red-tailed racer (red?)
Happy Ssssssssssaint Patrick's Day

Lena found a butterfly whose favorite color was green
(Either that or it was lost, trying to find the flower that must be near the leaf)

And finally, Dawn Treader gave us an almost green bud
At least it has the spirit of coming green!

Whew!  I just finished in time and Kay is beginning to get demanding.  She wants to play grab Diggy's nose again. 

Next week is Steeples, Spires, Weathervanes -- interest "tops".   See y'all then!



  1. this week there were so many great photos - so many green criters, we coud have done 'find a green criter' topic - I was impressed with the photography this week. good job all...

  2. i loved all the green, so many green critters, i love critters. great green and thanks for the mention

  3. I echo GingerV - so many good ones this week. I didn't envy you having to pick some but the fairy takes the cake.


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