Spotlight Photos - Interesting "Tops"

I am so excited that we had 17 links this week!  A new record for 2012 although I'm pretty sure we've had many more in earlier years.   I'm also excited to see some new "posters" -- at least new to me. 

Of course, with 17 posts, the challenge and heartbreak of skipping 11 is awful.
BUTLER:  "Are you ever going to be able to just post 6 spotlights without whining?"

"Probably not," I admit.  I hate having to chose one over another.

BAGMAN: "Just draw them out of a hat!"
"They are digital, you doofus!  I don't have a hat big enough to put my computer in."

BUTLER: "Excuses!  Excuses!"

Okay.  Okay.   I think for this week, I'll feature some of the people we haven't seen for awhile or that the spotlight has missed.   It is also interesting that while we had a large number of fairly traditional steeples, spires, and weathervanes -- so many people also used the creative license granted to everyone by FMTSO to post other kinds of "tops".

Tina topped her sign with pelicans

to augment her weather vane.
(Although it looks like a whole weather station)

Newcomer Patsy (new to me at least)
added a nice tilt to a traditional spire.

And Maple Lanes second post of 2012
is either the smallest church around
or the most spiritual bus stop.

Elaine Dale used the sun itself as a topper!

And Kim gave us a great smile with her
smiley face water tower!

BUTLER:  "Hey!  What's the big idea!!! That's not Kim's Watertower!! That's from Rebecca's piece on Henry Chapman Mercer!!

"Oh yes," I begin to mumble incomprehensibly.  "Kim and Rebecca are both understandably careful with their photographs and have disabled the function which lets me just copy shots from their blogs.  I certainly understand the desire for many of us to protect intellectual property.  So when I wanted to use their shots, I either emailed them or posted a comment asking them to email me the file.  So while I was going to put Kim's watertower here, I only had the shot Rebecca had sent me.  

BAGMAN: "Huh?"

And since I'm breaking so many rules in my own confused way, I might as well add a seventh picture simply because I like it so much.  

Dawn Treader's church by the river

BUTLER:  "Be careful, Mark.  You are setting a precedent of using seven pictures instead of six.  If I know you, you'll start taking the easy way out more and more.

BAGMAN:  "What's wrong with taking the easy way out?  I do it all the time!



  1. you done good! like them all and very creative, them and YOU

  2. I'm glad you included the water tower - even if you didn't. And I'm glad you broke the rules for the Dawn Treader one - a beauty. Good work that man!

  3. great choices and I like your reasoning - they are great photos AND a welcoming tool. I like it.

  4. I had to giggle about my photo and the "spiritual bus stop." My dad worked in public transportation (buses) in Atlanta for 44 years!!!!! Great to be a part of this friendly group of folks!

  5. Hahahaha this post made me laugh. I look at Rebecca's photo looking for smiley water tank and read your comment, sorry about that. But I am laughing I get caught with my own act, looking for my photo when I disable "something" lol! Now I try to put it back I can't remember how to do it hahahaha!!!
    By the way, I do not know what to do with our photos I heard many photo bloggers their photos are stolen -sad-. Well I think watermark is the best to do it. ^_^
    Thanks for choosing my photo again. ^_^


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