Friday My Town Shoot Out for 2/10: Historic

They say, "Everything has a history." 
Share a little of the history of your town this week.

Post card from Lindenwold Terrace 1915

Ambler, PA Postcard from 1915

Take a moment to answer our camera pole in the side bar.  :)

To keep it simple, 
dSLR's have removable lenses and you view the scene through the lens (view finder).
Point and shoot's have one lens and view the scene on an lcd screen.


  1. lovely old home, beautiful photo

  2. I like the old picture. :). Thanks for hosting this!

  3. Wasn't sure at first if it was an old postcard or if you had made a new photo look like an old postcard!

    As for the camera question I'm not even sure what defines a SLR camera.

  4. What a great photo! Thanks for hosting and I wish you a nice weekend.


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