Friday My Town Shoot Out for 4/20: Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds:
This is a compositional tool that places the subject of the photo 
 in an area of intersecting lines
created by dividing the photo in 3rds horizontally and vertically.

So, how did we do?
How do you like the results of your photos 
taken by applying this rule?

And then, I guess this week we will see 
who lives to break the rules.  

And if you didn't take the pole in the sidebar, 
please take a moment to do so!


  1. Thanks for hosting! Hope I did this right - if not, please comment :) But, be gentle - lol!

  2. A little late today. Had computer problems. Thanks for your critique.

  3. I was planning to join and forgot all about it. I struggling with cropping a shot when this post popped up in my reader. Kismet! I was finally able to crop the photo to make it pleasing to my eye.

  4. do you have trouble loading the photos?


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