Friday My Town Shoot Out for 4/6: Hidden Niches

OK, I admit it,
this is a hard one. 
But I am sure this gang is up to the challenge!
Am I Right?

While this is not exactly a niche, 
it is hidden.
You can find this old train tunnel under 
Pennsylvania Ave in Philadelphia, PA.


  1. Love the old train tunnel. Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend.

  2. i love it, will have to get hubby in here to see this, i think i told you he is from Perkasie, which is about 40 miles north of Philly. beautiful photo

  3. This is an amazing and beautiful photo.
    Really nice shot...

  4. Great topic Photo. looking forward to visiting everyone.

  5. I did mine, repeated because I really really love this place.

  6. I'm thinking of the fun we would have had as kids in a place like this train tunnel :)


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