Friday My Town Shoot Out: Time

Time & Clocks
Town Clocks, Passing Time, Time Stands Still

A US Civil War Re enactor
reminds us of the time that has passed since that conflict.

So sorry this is a little late,
I had accidentally set it to auto post for tomorrow instead of today!


  1. I like that photograph. Reenactments are great for illuminating us about the passing of time.

  2. The sepia really works for this photo. It looks really old. Nice shot!

  3. What a great selection we've put together this week! So many innovative approaches. I'd have a hard time choosing within the posts, let alone among them.

  4. am in Rio for the weekend so I have opportunity to do transportation. goody.

  5. Mizzay - I stopped by but couldn't leave a comment ??? and your comment to me came 'no reply' email, so I couldn't send back a reply. what am I missing?

  6. I love your historical photo. This is a very nice site! I just contributed my first photo. Very nice "town clock, time" theme, love it! :)

  7. A nice take on the prompt. Great pic.

  8. GingerV - Thanks for letting me know you were unable to comment. Hopefully, everything ok now!


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