Spotlight Photos - Hidden Niches

Happy Easter, everyone.

BUTLER:  Easter was two days ago, Mark.

"But it was Easter when I found some time to put the spotlight together," I reply.  "I set it up to post on Tuesday but it is Easter now...or was understand."

BAGMAN:  "I understand."

BUTLER: "Pre-posting bothers me somehow.  Messing with time is tricky."

BAGMAN:  "It's the thought that counts.  I agree with Happy Easter no matter when you say it."
BUTLER: "That's because you really needed forgiveness for your long list of sins."

BAGMAN: "And you don't?!!"

"Okay, guys...can we get on with the spotlights?"

Scriptor's hidden corner
(Anybody who dusts their niche deserves a spotlight)

Libby's tree cave
(Three cheers for cellphone photos!)
--and thanks for joining us!

Maple Lane's porch niche

Mad Snapper's Artist House
(I want to meet the inhabitant of this place)

Queenmother Mamaw's "Ben's Niche"
(It may not be hidden but it has great nichy spirit)

Dawn Treader's alter niche
(Perfect for a Good Friday Shoot)

 Next week's theme is "Historic"...I'll bet we are all going to learn alot about each other's towns. 


  1. You chose the ones I loved most too. That porch is being delivered to me soon. I just know it.

  2. Ben is still in his tree. Actually in the tree or in his mind. He is a dreamer.

  3. bring on historic, i went downtown yesterday, took hubby with me for protection, to get photos of our Pink Palace. loved all the niches.

  4. Hgistoric - mmmm. My immediate home, Pensby, is about as historic as the Space Shuttle. Think I might be going further afield.

  5. great choices. I think I missed Libby's - so congrats to her.

  6. Great choices to spotlight- I really like that artist house- love the colors.


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