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Bagman and Butler make me laugh when I walk in the studio to do this week's Spotlight Photographs on the historical theme.  They are both wearing old top hats.  Of course it almost looks appropriate on Butler who always wears a tuxedo except on casual Fridays when he wears a three piece suit. The top hat looks strange on Bagman who, as usual, is in a ratty old bathrobe.  On casual Fridays he claims he wears nothing underneath which is why I usually pre-post my Friday shoots so I can stay out of the studio.

Anyhow, we had 10 posts this week.  For those of you who are statistically minded, Butler informs me that since January we have been averaging 12.438 posts.  We had a low of 7 for "Favorites" and a high of 17 for "Tops".  

This week, not only did we have some great photographs but we also had some great historical comments to go along with them.

Jama's piece on the Fullerton Hotel
included this wonderful night shot.
(Hooray for tripods!)

Pauline's Maori Chief - powerful
(Looks like someone from the NBA)
Don't forget that February 6 is Waitangi Day

Ginger gave us interesting history on the Custom's House

BUTLER: "Wait a minute, Mark!  Don't we have a rule that we only post 6 pictures for the Spotlight?  I count 7 pictures for Ginger alone!

"No," I explain.  "This is only one picture -- a picture I took of my computer screen when Ginger's post was on it.  What I really liked about this post was the collage - the relationship between the different pictures and their tilted angles.   I'm going to claim that a collage, even if it includes several photos, is only one image."

E.G.'s Locamotiver
(I was torn between this and her caboose
with the words "Memory Junction" on it)
But I once had a Lionel train like this...but smaller.

Continuing with historical transportation--
Ann's museum plane.

And I really appreciated Kim's sharing of personal history
(It put a lump in my throat)

Next week we have the theme - "Rule of Thirds."   

BAGMAN:  "I hate rules!"

"Think of them as guidelines," I tell him. 

BAGMAN: "What are they, anyhow."

"I'll probably Google them although I have a pretty good idea what they are.  And I suspect we might get some real good information from Rebecca sometime this week."

Keep shooting, everyone!  See you Friday.


  1. As always a brilliant selection -in other words they are the ones I would have chosen! You know what they say - 'Great minds think alike' (we'll forget the second half of that saying about fools seldom differ.)

    My only argument would be that you should have shown one of your own this week - the widows marching, for example, was so impressive and moving.

    And, as always, thanks for your effort. I know what hard work a weekly commitment like this must be and how difficult choosing is when there are so many good photos shown each week. I, for one, appreciate it very much.

    OK, that's enough grovelling - I'll think of some appropriate way of insulting you next week!

  2. thanks for the nice words. like Scriptor I agree with your choices and think that when popular vote agrees you should post one of your own. I am running an experiment for next Friday.

  3. we have to go to Macae for a day, I didn't finsh my post in advance so will be late Friday before I get it on line, sorry for the delay but please watch for me...

  4. Yay thanks for showing my MIL's photo I appreciate it. So the next challenge is Rule of Thirds? I also don't like rules hahahahaha! But okay I am game, lol!!


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