Spotlight Photos - Rule of Thirds

Great turnout!  I love to see so many people participating, particularly those who I have not seen for awhile.  By my count, since January when I first started doing this, we have had 30 different people participate -- a little over half of you posted this week. 

Of course it also makes it more of a challenge to choose.

This was really a learning experience for most of us.  Although I did not spot any particular photograph, I really enjoyed spending time on Ginger's site, examining her "before" and "after" exhibition. 

And I was glad to see that Ann managed to post although from her comments, I gathered that she had some problems loading pictures.  I'm not sure I like the new Blogspot format either, but I suppose we'll all adjust.

So, without further adieu and in no particular order, we have:

Scriptor's fencepost

Rebecca's Rooster

Kerry's haunting black and white

JarieLyn's thirdsy statue

Siju's Mangos

And, of course, Mizz Kay's three birds

Next week we will explore Time.  I've already got the song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show stuck in my head:  "Let's do the time warp again..."


  1. Wow! Love the participation statistics. Glad someone is counting. :)

  2. I agree with your choices! All really stunning, well-executed photos!

  3. stunning, all of these are. if i had to pick one it is the rooster, but only because it is sooo different. they are all wonderful.

  4. love (loved) all the choices for this week. This topic brought our some really nice photos. Time, jeez I am already freaking out on how to show time.... without just photos of wrist watches and such...
    I did a topic search on Google - that was interesting.... and if you think about it all photos are a moment in time - or time that will not change... oops guess I shouldn't give away my ideas...

  5. Great choices. I love the new cover photo and background for this page. Looking good. :)

  6. When using the same rule of thirds I found it really interesting to see how different our results were.

    Can I join the gang please and be on the member list?

  7. Great pics. I have learned from all of them. Having trouble with the next one however.


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