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BAGMAN:  I tried to tell you that "Time keeps on slipping into the future" was a Steve Miller Band song and not the Eagles!"

"I'll try to be more careful in the future, " I say. 

But in the meantime, let's turn on the spotlight.  First of all, thanks go to Suzy, whose better-late-than-never post pushed us to 17 posts - tying our previous record for participation. 

And then Butler throws the switch and with a loud electric thunk, the light goes on:

Loredana's town clock
Unless I am mistaken, this is Loredana's first post!
Welcome, Loredana!

By the way, did anybody notice that Loredana's clock in Pleasantville, New York looks exactly like Libby's clock in Loveland, Ohio?

This week, I was really surprised at the variety of creative approaches the Shootout team came up with for what seemed to me to be a very difficult theme.  Of course, we did have our fair share of clocks, including...

Jama's Dali clock

But we also had a great diversity of other approaches...

Libby's fossils illustrated how the Earth, itself, tells time

Pauline showed us how she controls her time
(or tries to..Pauline also found an entire clock museum.)

BAGMAN: "I want to know more about the dueling women on the sixth floor that was scheduled for the 26th!"

Cheryl's Haycutter
(I don't know how she got this photographic affect
but it really evokes a sense of time as much
as the haycutter, itself!)

Dawn's walking circle
(A meditation on time -- of course the kids
run headlong into time while the adults try to be
more appreciative of the moment.)

I also loved the way Queenmother and MizzKay used before and after shots to illustrate time and would have spotted them except that the theme was carried through multiple pictures and their wouldn't have been room for others -- trying to hold to my six picture rule. 

BAGMAN:  "You are a slave to your own rules, Dude.  Rules are meant to be broken!"

BUTLER: "No, they're not!  Rules provide order!"

BAGMAN: "You're boring twit!  You probably do proper place settings for lunch!"

BUTLER:  "And you probably eat with your fingers!"

And I also feel the need to mention Ginger's sunlight measuring time on a cloud and Scriptor's old clock that still makes me feel dizzy trying to figure out the time on it. 

BAGMAN:  "If you're going to waste time blabbering about something, why not just post the pictures!

BUTLER:  "Because there are rules! 

BAGMAN:  "Blah blah blah."

Anyhow, the theme next week is "Public Transportation"  and I can't wait to see what this creative band of visionaries handles it.


  1. my favorite is the dali time, because it is so unique. the town clock is the replica of three in out downtown area in Bradenton FL
    i have photos of it in my archives

  2. I just love that Dali clock. So unique.

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for the spotlight on my town clock! It's been interesting to find out there are similar clocks in other towns. I think what makes them unique is the setting and also it's personalized with the town's name. If you look closely, it says "Pleasantville" on mine. :) yes, this was my first contribution and I'll be back, as I enjoy your site!

  4. so are all these town clocks manufactured by the same company or person????? who can tell us?

    the new (and the long time) particpation is wonderful. Some of the weeks I did the spotlight photos there could be up to 30 participants, I would have to stop by each one and make a comment on each - took hours, so I commend Mark doing this for us along with selling a house, and babysitting his granddaughter.... wow what a guy.

  5. I second that! You guys do such a great job with this. I am learning and having a lot of fun. :). Hi to Loredana!! I am going to find out who makes these clocks. We can all buy clock stock. ;)

  6. I third that! Yes, great job. Hi Libby and Ginger! I've also been researching who makes these clocks. Fascinating! I'm learning a lot, too, thanks! :)

  7. Thanks for giving me a nod. I didn't do much with my shot except add a vignette. The grays and greens were just the woods in the background still unwilling to commit to Spring.

  8. Can't believe Jama is real. How does she do this every single time?


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