Public Transportation

Public Transportation: What are the people movers in your town?

Philadelphia boasts itself a bike friendly city.


  1. love the photo, bikes are very dangerous here, very dangerous as are motorcycles. we have way to much traffic and 75 percent of our populaton is over the age of 65 and dont' see bikes.
    we have city buses but i would not ride one. our town doesn't have public transportation that is safe, only people who have no choice ride them.

  2. Don't see many bikes here. Of course folks have them privately but not save and not bike riding trails around.

  3. Dear all,

    If you go to link 4, I have no idea how I created this which links back to Shootout. I tried to remove it, but it doesn't work. Am I the only person who had done this before. If you know how to remove this, please let me know,



    1. I have done this before! Haha! It's ok I think we just go to the second one you linked right?

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  5. I am not keen on public transport, where I am to take the bus to work (it's the only form of public transport available to that destination) takes one and a half hours each way and two changes of bus. Going by car takes just over half an hour!

    Would strange signs be a possible theme? Unless we've already had it and I missed it.

  6. MizzKay, I will add Strange Signs to the list. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Thanks Rebecca, I admit I pinched the idea from Libbys blog, it was the comments her children made to the sign on the bridge.

  8. That's funny!

    Have we done cemetaries? Also "yard art" (weird stuff people decorate their gardens with). How about "public safety? Police cars, fire stations...

    How about you send in a picture of your country's WMDs? (Just kidding!)

    Playgrounds? How about one called "architectural trim, details, and gargoyles."

    War memorials?


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