Spotlight Photos - Fences and Gates

Caught like a deer in headlights!

Playing catch up this morning and trying to get the Spotlight out while typing with one hand and holding Kay on my lap with the other, I was almost hoping for a small turnout on Friday...

21 Posts -- a new record since I've been doing this.  And two newcomers to boot!  Oh boy!!

So much to choose from!  I'm almost tempted to break my 6 picture rule (completely arbitrary anyhow) and spotlight 21 pictures. 


Newcomers first!

Tanya's "Going for the left field fence"

It was also a treat for me to discover this blog since I spent twelve years of my life living in Roanoke -- (actually Salem, a kind of attachment to the city)...

Tayet's fence-eating tree
(a reminder that you can't fence out nature forever)

Loredena's fence made from flowers

And from some of our long-term regulars:

Jama's elegant simplicity

Kim's Sea Fence

Dawn Treader's Lock and Chain

 There were just so many others that could have fit here as well!

Next week is Handmade things, or something like that...

Kay is getting squirmy and I have to fix a bottle so time to go...Sorry I didn't have a chance to link up everything...


  1. Yay!! for the spotlights...gotta go start getting ready for next Friday!!

  2. good job Mr. One-free-arm-grandpa.

  3. Great job as a grandpa and spotlight editor. :) I really enjoyed everyone's photos this week. Good work! Thanks for spotlighting my fence made of flowers, which was not on purpose actually. :) I just liked the way the flowers lined up! Thanks to Ginger and my other knowledgeable blogger friends, I now know that these flowers, which I called "lollipops," are actually Allium. :) You can find the allium incidental fence and other fences in the whimsical garden in Chappaqua, New York here.

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